Heineken® Summer

The Idea

All summer long, Heineken® engaged shoppers to show them that when you combine food, friends & Heineken® – the three natural ingredients of summer – you have a premium experience. Using Life in Mobile’s Visual Touch Survey™, consumers were asked to pick their 3 ingredients (activity, meal and location) for the perfect summer to go with the perfect beer. Visual Touch Survey™ answers correlated with 3 unique recipes each time they complete the experience. Daily and weekly prizes encouraged brand loyalty while continuing to collect data for Heineken®.
By using Life in Mobile’s Visual Touch Survey™, Heineken®’s Summer engagement created profiles that outline Heineken® consumers favorite summer setting, food and activity. Not only on a National level, but also by region and state to guide future engagements.


453,357 total entries
6% bounce rate
Heineken® Consumers prefer backyard parties!